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Big Social Data: What To Do With The Data Generated On Social Networks?

Social networks and Big Data are two very current phenomena. Both represent significant opportunities for Web players. Social networks, and Facebook the first, generate massive data that form Big Data. Big Social Data or Social Big Data is a powerful marketing tool. Among this amount of data, it remains to be determined how companies can take advantage of the data generated by social networks.

Social Networks: An Exponential Source Of Data

If there is one social network that stands out regarding Big Data, it’s Facebook., revealed in 2012 that the social network with 1.86 billion active users worldwide alone drains more than 500 terabytes of data per day. It represented some 2.7 billion Likes, 2.5 billion shares, and 300 million photos posted. All actions and interactions undertaken on Facebook (Like, comment, sharing, publications, etc.) or other social networks leave traces.

This digital fingerprint reflects your personality and preferences. From this data, we can determine and predict what you will like. Geolocation, site accounts linked to Facebook or Google searches contribute to each user’s database. Well analyzed, this Big Social Data will allow companies to target people at the right time with an improved and personalized offer.

How To Use Big Social Data?

Know Your Customers

Social networks’ segment and geographic information make it conceivable to see better your clients, or if nothing else, individuals keen on your image. Assuming we stick to Facebook, we can learn a lot about its supporters. Huge Social Information gives general information (age, sex, area, and so forth) and more exact individual information (political and strict inclinations, pay, and so on.). Because of this, we can more readily distinguish these individuals and act by considering the examination of this information.

Target New Prospects

Still on Facebook, Large Friendly Information will likewise permit you to contact individuals prone to be keen on your image. The many focusing choices and devices accessible to you ( custom crowds, clone crowds) are utilized to target new possibilities. You can contact individuals who have proactively been keen on your organization or your proposition. On the other hand, you can get individuals with similar interests as your supporters.

Measure The Effectiveness Of A Social Media Strategy

The personal data of social network users are not the only ones that can be exploited. Social media strategies are also a good source of information. The statistical results of your publications (reach, impressions, engagement, etc.) serve as the basis for what will follow.

Adjust Advertising Campaigns Accordingly

You can change your future publicizing efforts, distributions, and so on by dissecting your disappointments and victories in interpersonal organizations. Along these lines, you will want to acquire permeability and reputation. Your picture will be re-established, you will change over supporters into clients, and progressively, you will hold them.

Determine The Right Time To Post

Researching your audience isn’t just about demographics and engagement. We need to go deeper into this data to highlight profiles and preferences. Statistics allow you to know, in particular, when it is good to publish content. The reach and engagement will only get better.

Personalize Your Offer And Advertisements

Personalization is a bit of the buzzword of the moment. And it is not a hazard. This is part of consumer expectations, regardless of the sector of activity. For this, there is nothing better than Big Social Data to know your customers and their preferences to personalize your offer accordingly.

Find Your Brand Ambassadors

We have seen that Big Social Data brings you data on the engagement of your subscribers. In addition to showing you your performance and guiding your subsequent actions, it allows you to identify the most committed people. By qualifying these people, you could find the influencers of tomorrow in them. These same people will be your best brand ambassadors.

Innovate And Renew

Enormous Social Information likewise incorporates every discussion that has occurred in interpersonal organizations. Criticism, both positive and negative, is significant data for organizations. There are conversational investigation apparatuses that can determine your clients’ assumptions so you can meet them later. Additionally, Large SocialData has brought out swarm advancement instruments (cooperative development). The thought is to incorporate the purchaser, through informal organizations, in making offers that live up to their assumptions.

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