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What’s Next Step For Augmented Reality In 2020

The year 2020 will be of capital importance for the development of augmented reality. It is a technology that has been pushing hard, but it still needs a push to convince the majority public, the general consumer. However, studies show that every time companies are going to contribute due to the augmented reality in 2020.

Augmented Reality – A Growing Technology

According to the study by the company IDC Research, around half of the main European companies will have implemented augmented reality systems in 2020. This will mean spending on this technology that will be around 1,740 million euros in Europe alone.

However, it is in the United States where augmented reality is developing most rapidly. According to analyst Gartner, 46% of the country’s retail businesses are thinking of developing augmented reality strategies in 2020.

The same consultant indicates that more than 100 million people will make purchases through augmented reality throughout that year. It is not in vain, according to the figures that Gartner manages, the world investment in this technology would exceed 20,000 million euros.

On the other hand, the development of this technology will have to come hand in hand with the development of others, such as 5G networks, which will favour high-speed, high-quality data traffic between companies and users.

Large Companies Bet On Augmented Reality In 2020

Given these figures, it is normal that the most important companies in different sectors are betting heavily on this technology. One of the first was Amazon, which has incorporated an option to view in augmented reality the products that are searched on the web as if they were in the user’s own home. It is still a trial version that is only available on certain items and requires a next-generation mobile device.

Another of those who are already working on the implementation of virtual reality is Apple, who would be immersed in the design and manufacture of glasses and an augmented reality case. Some information indicates that they will see the light in 2020, while others indicate that they will do so in 2022 or 2023. Other information indicates that Valve could be collaborating with Apple for the development of the augmented reality viewer.

This technology will not only reach the world of consumer electronics, but it will also gain importance in other areas such as cinema. Disney recently released Cycles, its first short film made to be enjoyed in augmented reality. The company itself has stated that it will not be the last and that they plan more releases for 2020 and the following years.

Apart from marketing, leisure or electronics, augmented reality shows that it can be very useful in other areas such as road safety. There is the example of Volvo, which has developed the Varjo XR-1 viewfinder, with which engineers can track and evolve drivers in the car and improve the elements of active and passive safety of vehicles.

In short, augmented reality is not going to be left only in Pokemon Go and in video games or similar mobile applications. On the contrary, from 2020 it will be an increasingly common reality. And there are going to be many companies struggling to get the best part of the cake.

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